Pictures of the Yard- Overview

Ok, so I know I have totally overloaded everyone on pictures this morning, but I wanted to give the full progression of the yard from when we moved in up to this point. When we first moved into our apartment on Dec 31st, 2010 the yard was completely overgrown with annual ryegrass and patches of dirt were everywhere else. We pulled and tugged, sprayed and hacked, but nothing really helped.
We decided that 3 beds would be appropriate for the amount of vegetables we had planned and the digging began. The grass slowly disappeared into really great beds full of steer manure, blood meal and bone meal. In the process of digging up each bed, we found out that the soil in our yard is perfect for adobe brick making. You’ll notice an action shot or two of Brandon throwing mud into forms for bricks.
We started 75% of our seeds inside in seed trays or cups with starter mix. We have a really great patio on the side of our house that we can leave the seedlings out on without them getting frost bitten or sun burnt. Over the course of February and March, the entire garden got planted.
We did end up needing to put in a 4th bed on the far right side of the yard to accomodate the squash, melon and pumpkins. We’re excited to have so much space to grow in though and we’re starting to see that even in a small space, it is pretty feasible to grow enough to eat from for awhile. We just finished up with planting Cucumbers yesterday and are waiting on our final packet of pumpkin seeds to come in the mail.
Our irrigation lines really help us to stay on course with keeping things watered. Tucson has had less than an inch of water since the first of the year, so drip irrigation lines are our saving grace.
So that’s the yard so far. You can see the 3 month progression in the pictures and now it will be easier to do small updates every few days. I can’t wait to start taking pictures of our vegetables and sharing some of the dishes we are making with them!


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  1. Posted by PShea on April 7, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Tina and Brandon these are great pics of the progress. love the adobe brick firepit along with your ability to grow your own grub. Will check back periodically to see progress and today is very Tuscon-like in Cincy, 70 degrees and the air is dry, for now. My guess is that your spring doesn’t produce the allergies and pollen like Cincinnati’s does, probably don’t miss that. Take care. PShea


  2. The dust storms kick up some crazy allergy-esque symptoms. Instead of major allergy issues, we’re readapting on how to stay hydrated as it gets warmer out. Wish we had drip-irrigation lines for ourselves…drinking enough water is a chore.


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