Aphid and other small bug troubles…

Well, we are apparently creating a lovely, safe-haven for aphids and other small bugs, beetles, etc. in our cabbage bed.  When we harvested a few of the Komatsuna asian greens the other day, there were definitely little collections of aphids scattered throughout the leaves, but it didn’t seem as though much of the plant had been that affected.

We then inspected the leaves of the other remaining plants yesterday and they seem to be overtaken in areas with aphids. The Tendersweet cabbage is being affected a little as well, but not nearly as bad. We’ve also spotted some small beetles and other fun little bugs roaming around.

When we were first digging the beds, we commented that there were no living creatures of any sort living in the dirt, but we have certainly changed that!  Our theory for next year is to start the cabbage in the early winter, that way the bugs will not be nearly as big of an issue and we can harvest everything earlier in the spring.


Here are the examples of what we have growing. The seed packets also said that we can really reduce pests next year by starting the seedlings with row cover over them to keep protected.


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  1. Posted by Angela on April 27, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    I planted the same for the first time this year and have had the same infestation. Very disappointing apart from the aphids the leaves are just beautiful. Any idea how to control them?


    • We applied a spray of water, dish soap, cayenne pepper and mineral oil every few days. That didn’t really solve the problem and from what we’ve learned from other people pesticides are the only way to remove them once they’ve moved in. Lemon scented Dawn is supposed to work as well, but we didn’t try that. Next year when we plant, we will grow cabbage over the winter, rather than in the spring and early summer to try and avoid most of the pests and also put down row cover from the very first day we plant. Hopefully all of that combined will do the trick. Good luck to you and let us know if you find anything that works.


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