In February, on one of our many Saturday morning Lowes dates, we bought a Green Globe Artichoke plant.  Being from Ohio, we have never seen an artichoke plant, nor knew anything about growing them.  I had always assumed that you got one bud from each plant and that they were impossible to grow, this was due to their seemingly unreasonable price at the grocery store.   How wrong I was…


Four months later a mammoth, handsome, sprawling, silvery green plant took over the whole end of one of our beds.  The plant itself is easily five feet across and the number of artichoke buds that it is producing is becoming almost problematic.  Last count, we easily had more than 24 chokes.  The first one being huge, and we even cut it early!  Successive smaller chokes are starting to emerge from the stem of the first large choke.

As for maintenance?  Not much.  A well draining soil (which we have plenty of out here) some bone and blood meal, a little sulfur, and organic steer manure.  The only thing that we did was add a few heaping shovels of compost on it and kept it watered.  You will be hiding artichokes in every nook and cranny in your fridge door in no time!

To cook, cut the chokes in half (they can be left whole as well) and steam for 25 minutes in an inch of water.  Then drizzle with olive oil, s&p, garlic and a little lemon pepper.  Finish in a hot cast iron skillet in the clay oven at about 550 for 10 minutes.  In our house, they last about a minute once they hit the table and leave us shivering in the corner of the room wanting more.  A damn fine vegetable that rivals the taste of a rich seafood.


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  1. Posted by Seagal on May 23, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Holy crap that looks amazing!!!


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